You Really Can Learn How To Sing Vibrato

If you are disappointed that you are not a natural vibrato signer, do not give up. You are going to be surprised to discover it is really nowhere as hard to learn how to sing vibrato as you are assuming. What is really hard to do is to teach it using only the written word. In some ways it’s like having a discussion about colors with someone who can not see. She very well may see color in the pictures of her mind, or in her dreams, but how in the world be you able to compare the potential differences and similarities?

Well, to be able to learn & teach the vocal vibrato effect, both teacher & student should have the ability to hear one another. The teacher demonstrates and the student listens. Then the student attempts to emulate, as the teacher listens, and finally, evaluates.

Or, in the event of a recording where the student heard the teacher, that would be a much better than the teacher simply using the written word. The student would listen to the teacher and then attempt to emulate. She should record her emulation. She could play it back and give her own form of evaluation.

Like most anything, learning vibrato, if you do not have it naturally, takes practice and more practice. They say that practice makes perfect, however what about when the practice is being done wrong? Then, practice actually makes a mistake that is constantly being repeated.

Vibrato is a kind of fluctuation of the pitch or tone of a singers voice, instead of sustaining the note with no variation. Most people who can sing, can sing vibrato. People usually do it, unaware that they are doing it. A lot of people have trouble singing without using their vibrato voice.

It is reminiscent of how persons with curly hair wish they had straight hair, while straight hair people would love it to be curly. The person who can’t hold a straight, unwavering note would gladly give up her vibrato to the person who desperately wants to sing in vibrato voice.

It is ideal to be able to sing with and without vibrato, and with practice and a good vocal instructor, most people who are not tone deaf can learn to do both, to some extent or another. If you are still not sure what it is, think of the wavering voices of opera singers. They tend to use an extreme vibrato.

An example of a popular singer who naturally sang with a lot of vibrato is Elvis Presley. In fact, the Elvis hit, “It’s Now Or Never”, was a remake of the opera song, “O Solo Mio”. It really showed off his vibrato. As you are learning how to sing vibrato, always remember that fluctuating your voice much too much turns into a yodel.

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