Whatcha Say: The Good, The Bad & The Calvin In This Week’s Reader Comments

Whatcha Say mainFollowing the premiere of Rihanna and Calvin Harris’ “We Found Love” yesterday, we rounded up the critics’ reviews of the single. But we decided to save the best for last, and waited until today to let the song sink in with you, the readers, for a bit so we could gather up your opinions on the uplifting dance-pop jam. Head below to see how you all sounded off on RiRi’s latest!

:: ZMH was ready for the weekend on Rihanna & Calvin Harris “We Found Love”: Listen: “Calvin Harris rocks. he’s so great in this it should be billed as ‘Calvin Harris featuring rihanna’. in fact any vocalist will do the trick!”

:: sv wasn’t quite feeling it: “Catchy enough, but boring. She really needs to take a break… her music as of late lacks depth and creativity. Just another generic club beat with a girl saying the same lyric a bunch of times.”

Rihanna Calvin Harris We Found Love:: Jesse Perez thought “We Found Love” was just lovely: “Well, it is better than some of the singles that she took from Loud. Another great dance song for Rihanna. I think it is way better than Only Girl.”

:: joaqfer felt RiRi should take a vacay: “No way near the quality of Only Girl or Umbrella, best 1st singles in her career, but it’ll work ok… There are a few artists out there that NEED to take a vacation like right now (GaGa, Guetta, Pitbull) and now I shall add Rihanna to that list… 6 discs in 6 years is way too much”

:: Arvin, however, begged please don’t stop the music: “I hate how people are telling her to take a break! Let the girl make music! She’s passionate about what she does! Let her be! I LOVE THE NEW SONG!”

:: ERIC wasn’t too moved by Rihanna Reveals Lyrics To New Single “We Found Love”: “Weak lyrics. But I’m trusting that Harris’ production will make this track a very good experience.

Calvin Harris:: James added his own spin to Rihanna & Calvin Harris “We Found Love”: Review Revue: “rihanna + calvin harris production = pretty. damn. good. it’ll be played at my club gigs this weekend, that’s for sure.”

:: Tiffany was also upbeat about the single: “I love love love this song! It’s about time something so positive came out. It makes me dance everytime I hear it, and I love that it is so simplistic. Two thumbs up.”

:: Calvin Harris Is God And Rihanna’s Pretty Cool absolutely hated the song…j/k: “I agree with the reviews; not only does this song have a great dance beat to it; and it has a quality which is rare amongst dance tracks: poignant lyrics. Its lyrics have a great hopeful meaning; whereas most dance track lyrics effectively make me want to puke at how generic and meaningless they are.”

Yet to weigh in with your thoughts on Rihanna and Calvin Harris’ new single? Let us know what you think of it below!

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