Vocal Exercises To Make You Sing Better

Whether you sing in the church choir, are a karaoke aficionado or want to be a professional singer you will need to exercise your throat if you want to improve the quality of your singing. Even if you are a natural singer you will need to polish your singing skills to keep them in good shape. So here are a few simple vocal exercises that can be done anytime to improve your singing.

Always start with warm up exercises to condition the throat for more strenuous activity. These exercises should include breathing and voice related activities. Start by practicing deep breathing. This can be done by inhaling deeply and holding your breath to the count of four and then exhale, once again hold to the count of four before breathing in again. Another exercise involves inhaling normally but when you exhale do it on the sound of ‘sshh’, like you are asking a kid to keep quiet. Use up your entire breath and then relax and let yourself breathe in normally. This should be done at least 5 times.

The breathing exercises should be followed by vocal exercises that will condition the throat muscles and vocal chords. The first exercise in this category is called the motor boat because you are trying to imitate the sound made by a motor boat. Put your lips together and then exhale while making your lips flap. This exercise helps to loosen the vocal chords and also helps in training the vocal muscles. For better results and once you are comfortable with this exercise try to start the sound at a lower note and then move to the higher notes.

Next sing the notes of the mid range octave in the ascending and descending order. Use a vowel sound like ‘aah’ singing it at the lower notes and then going higher and then descending down to the lower notes.

Finally finish with some cool down exercises. It is important that you always remember to finish with the cool down exercises. After you exercise your throat the blood flow to the larynx increases. Without the cool down exercises blood would pool in the larynx which in turn would cause a swelling in the vocal chords. And trying to speak in this condition can prove harmful. This is the reason why a vocal cool down exercise like gentle humming at a relaxed pace is essential.

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