Tips To Improve Singing Voice

Whether you are a beginner or an accomplished singer you can always incorporate exercises to improve singing voice in your daily practice regimen. Every singer wants to have a voice with a wonderful tone and an impressive vocal range but if you are expecting this to happen over night with no or little effort from your side you will be disappointed. However it is not an impossible dream either and here are a few exercises that will help you to improve singing voice dramatically.

The tone of your voice depends on several factors however the most important factor is the position of the larynx. The larynx also knows as the voice box is an organ in the neck made up of cartilage, muscles and ligaments. A simple experiment will show you the extent to which the position of your larynx can affect your voice tone.

You will need to open your mouth wide like in a yawn. This position of the mouth will relax the muscles of the throat and if you make the vowel sound ‘aah’ you will hear a sound with a rich tone. In order to feel the position of the larynx you will have to place your fingers on the Adam’s apple or the distinct bump on your throat. The larynx moves down when the rich tone is made. The downward movement of the larynx increases the distance traveled by the sound before it reaches your mouth. And this is what produces the rich tome.

Similarly the upward movement of the larynx also impacts the tonal variety of the sound and to observe this start by producing the sound ‘nay’ with a nasal tone. A good way to produce a nasal sound would be to talk like Fran Dresher from the show ‘the nanny’. You will have to sing just like she would. The nasal sound is produced by the upward movement of the larynx and this can be distinctly felt by placing your fingers in your neck. The resultant has a very strong nasal quality to it which sounds bad.

So as you can see the position of the larynx is directly responsible for the tone of your voice. The best tone is produced when the larynx in the middle position. This is the natural relaxed position of the larynx. However you will have to train your self to keep your larynx in this position by relaxing the muscles surrounding it. Here are a few exercises that will help.

You will need to start by placing your fingers on your neck to feel the position of your larynx. Repeat the exercise given above to center the larynx.

Next do you normal breathing exercises but make sure that your larynx stays in the centre as you exhale.

You can sing better if your larynx is centered when you are singing the scales. To begin with sing the scales normally. But keep your fingers on your neck so that you can notice any upward movement in the larynx; correct it by opening your mouth wider and relaxing the throat muscles which will push the larynx down. Be careful when you are singing the other scales as well and make sure to maintain the position of your larynx.

Larynx control should also be practiced while singing the words. If you sing a verse from your favorite song and observe the movement of your larynx you will notice that it moves upwards. Similarly when you sing the song with your mouth open the tone produces is rich and beautiful.

Singing is one of the most enjoyable art forms albeit one that will need hard work and perseverance to learn.

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