Tidysongs: How it Works Exactly (Ezine Ready)

So, you’ve chosen to use Tidysongs to remove duplicates from iTunes. How does it work exactly?


When opening it, you are presented with 3 choices:

  • when comparing songs,
  1. compare name, artist, album
  2. just name and artist

If you have different versions of the same song, like live version vs. studio-recorded version, I’d definitely recommend opting for the first choice. This way, you’ll make sure you keep the different versions you have.


  • when a duplicate is found, keep song with
  1. the higher bitrate
  2. the longer length

Basically, this option is about deleting the duplicates based on quality vs. length. If you happen to have downloaded excerpts, picking the second option may be a good start. But if all of your songs are of the same length, just go for the bit-rate criterium. The higher the bit-rate, the higher the quality of your song!


  • with each duplicate format,
  1. remove it from iTunes and move it to a folder in my desktop (you can decide to change this location)
  2. add “duplicates” to the comment field.

This last option is for you to choose between being a control freak or not! If you are one, like I am, you may want to check what TidySongs is doing and choose to second only have “duplicate” written in the comment section of iTunes.

Otherwise, just choose the first option. Keep in mind that, even if you choose the first option, you’ll still have a folder with all the duplicates that have been deleted. You are not losing track of any of the songs!


To be honest, this is something I really appreciate with TidySongs:

  • not only is it a very handy software (you won’t have any problem to understand the way it works as it’s a ready-to-use program that will guide you step by step),
  • but it’s also great because it allows you to really keep an eye on what’s going on.
  • So that if you are not satisfied or if you are wondering what’s going on, you can take control again of the whole cleaning up process.
  • I’m kind of a control freak, especially when it comes to my music library, and I wanted to make sure the program hadn’t deleted any of the live versions of my favorite albums: it was really easy to check it. I just had to go to the folder I had placed on my desktop and review it, comparing it to the screen shot I had taken of iTunes before launching TidySongs.

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