Three Steps To Learn Guitar Tabs (Ezine Ready)

Have you recently bought a guitar, and are now looking at the best way to learn guitar tabs? If so, then it’s important to remember that a huge number of people are put off playing guitar, or at least taking it much further than the occasional rather sad sounding twang, simply because they go about it the wrong way. In this article we’ll be looking briefly at some of the best ways to make the most of every minute you spend with your guitar, in order to maximise both your success and the enjoyment that comes from learning to play guitar. People tend to approach the whole idea of starting to learn guitar tabs in different ways. For a few people the best approach is to find a music teacher, and pay for regular music lessons, at least once a week, in order to learn how to play guitar properly. This is particularly useful if you’re looking to play classical guitar, but there are plenty of music teachers available offering lessons in everything from acoustic and classical to rock. Other people tend to stick to books and manuals, working out for themselves where their fingers need to be, and some can even judge their performance accurately enough by listening to the sounds they’re making. Some people know a group of friends, and may well hang out with them, jamming and learning from each other, which can work well. But all of these methods tend to result in people giving up too soon. Music lessons can be expensive, and limit your creativity. Diagrams teach you very little about how to play guitar tabs, because they only show one aspect of the problem. Jamming with friends may be fun, but often the learning will be incidental, and the techniques you pick up may not be ideal. However, if you want to learn guitar tabs properly, there are a few things you can do which will make a big difference. First of all, have a look at the many learn to play guitar video tutorials now available online. Many of these are published by well known, accomplished musicians and performers, who will not only teach you some of the best ways to learn guitar tabs, play chords and switch from one chord to another, but may even help show you how they go about playing some parts of their own songs. There’s nothing quite like learning how to play one of your favourite songs than watching a real performer show you step by step. The second thing to consider is that learning to play guitar, especially in the early days, will be slow. It’s surprising just how much strength and tolerance you need in your fingers and wrists. As you get used to playing you’ll start to relax more, but it is to be expected that to start with you’ll be a little tense, a little stiff and a little tight, and this all adds up to strain. Limit yourself to no more than ten minutes at a time, a few times a day. Build up gradually, and give yourself a break. Listen to your own performance. If you can record your performance, this is great – if you can video it, even better. By watching the learn to play video tutorials online, and comparing these to your own performance you can quickly start to identify the differences, helping you to build up gradually, Finally, it’s worth remembering that whilst it’s great to have a dream and a goal, perhaps playing in a band, this is only going to happen after a very long period of learning, practising and trying. If you want to learn guitar tabs then take it slow and steady, use online video tutorials and listen to or watch your performance form time to time. Learning from the professionals doesn’t have to mean paying for expensive music lessons, but it also doesn’t mean you’ll be playing Glastonbury next week either.

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