TC Helicon Ultimate Vocal Rig Competition – Brett Manning Singing Success

Prizes and entry details: TC-Helicon Presents: The Vocalist’s Ultimate Live Rig Competition — Featuring Singing Success. Every vocalist knows that having great singing technique is an important part of their craft, but having killer sound and effects to support, capture, enhance and deliver your vocal sound on the live stage is another aspect entirely. You can be the best singer in the world, but sadly this is of no use if your voice isn’t being delivered to your audience’s ears in the best way possible. We here at TC-Helicon understand this all too well… and so, with this competition we’re giving you the chance to not only further hone your vocal technique with Singing Success, but also have control of your sound and effects being the very best they can be. Be heard the way your voice deserves to be heard and win The Vocalist’s Ultimate Live Rig! TC-Helicon — Your Voice Is Our Passion. Prizes and entry details:

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