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Opera singers are famous for their magnificent and powerful usage of singing techniques such as vibrato. But there are many who feel that vibrato is extremely difficult to learn. And this can be attributed to the fact that vibrato is an artificial extension of the voice. But the reality is that vibrato is a natural feature of the voice albeit one that is difficult to develop. However cases have been observed when vibrato was automatically developed once the poor singing habits were removed. Vibrato is not restricted just to classical singers like Lucianno Pavarotti but you will also hear it in the likes of David Bowie. If you are just starting your career in singing and curious to know more about vibrato here are a few tips to get you started.

The first step to learning vibrato is figuring out if you really want to use it in your singing. You will hear many singer successfully using vibrato however what most people fail to realize is that they must’ve practiced for years to reach this level of perfection. Don’t go for a singing technique if you are not comfortable with it because even a technique like vibrato sounds bad when sung without the proper discipline and finesse. If you want to know about the suitability of developing vibrato for your voice type and singing genre, the best person to talk to would a voice coach.

The way you sound is largely dictated by your posture. Try to emulate the body posture of a classical or an opera singer. A straight posture gives your lungs enough room to expand and you can sing better when you breathe deeply. Many performers use their throat muscles to sing but this will not give you the vibrato.

How well you sing entirely depends on your breathing. A warm-up session with an adequate number of breathing exercises will not only condition the throat but also the lungs for deep breathing. The correct breathing technique to achieve the right notes is to breathe in deeply using the lower part of your lungs and exhaling slowly and steadily like you are breathing out through a straw.

Vibrato produces a very pleasant effect and to achieve it you will have to relax your body. All the parts of your body associated with singing such as neck, throat, head and shoulders should be relaxed. To relax yourself you can use simple stretching exercises before your performance.

You can start singing after the breathing exercises and the stretches. You have to start by singing the syllable sound ‘ah’ on a steady note. This activity will relax the throat muscles and open them. Be careful to not stress your voice in this activity. If you practice diligently and consistently it will only take a few days for the vibrato to develop naturally. Another simple way is to use your finger tips to guide your diaphragm in and out as you breathe, this will help the vibrato to come out naturally faster.

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