Reasons Why Music Artists With No Talent Could Become Both Famous And Successful

It has been evident for some time that the most popular icons in the music industry tend to reach fame disproportionate to talent they might possess. This is because of a number of flaws inherent not only in music industry, however as well in all entertainment businesses and capitalist societies.

Frankly speaking, capitalism promotes touch competition to an almost obscene degree. And as a result of this, advertising is forced to become increasingly showy to float one product above the rest. It is a common practice to boost sales by marketing not just the product being sold, but as well image, sex appeal and wealth among many things.

And of course, the music business is not an exception. Different record companies enlarge their sales by marketing not just music, but the rock star life style as well. Usually, bands are selected by record companies based on how they personify these enticing ideals, but not on how well they play or sing.

For example, let’s take such a popular band like 50 Cent. Many musical critics are sure that this man has absolutely musical talent at all. All his lyrics are vapid as well as uninteresting. However, at the same time he is positioned as successful gangster and this is exactly where his attraction lies.

Much to the chagrin of musicians everywhere, this is not a recent development in the music business. For instance, about 20 years before 50 Cent and Britney Spears and some genres across the musical spectrum, such popular punk-rock band as The Sex Pistols was put together by a record label in the same way that many modern boy bands. Punk-rock legend and iconic bassist Sod Vicious did not even know how to play the bass guitar when the band was created. He was taken into the band just because he fit the stereotype of a punk-rocker.

The answer to this problem is to take the power to influence the direction music is going away from record labels who abuse that influence only for personal gain.

To say the truth, influence has to return to the music artists who practice long hours in order to improve their chops as well as their performance. Perfectly, artists have to create music that is at once creative, thoughtful and also is able to withstand the test of time to be enjoyed for generations to come.

And independent music products is one of many ways to make it possible, without the financial backing and marketing of the record producers, bands with little if any talent would soon be crushed by a tide of artists who are passionate enough to take the time and energy needed not only to develop talent, but as well to produce and record themselves.

All the time music artists have been in focus of attention of many people who love music. So it’s no wonder that there are a number of best music artists contests and charts. Fortunately today it is easy for music fans to satisfy their itch for top music artists 2011 or any other music news via the Internet.

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