Pepsi Celebrates ‘The X Factor’ With Pop Star Medley Commercial

britney spears pepsiPepsi is the drink-of-choice of The X Factor (yet another example of how Simon Cowell’s new show is completely different from Coca-Cola-sponsored American Idol)  and the company tributes the music icons who have appeared in previous Pepsi spots over the last few decades by airing a new commercial tonight on the series premiere. Watch a montage of Michael Jackson, Ray Charles, Britney Spears, Kanye West and Mariah Carey shilling for the soft drink below.

This reminds us just how many awesome Pepsi commercials Britney was a part of over the years. Our personal favorite, of course, is the one that features Brit-Brit enjoying her carbonated beverage in every decade. (Britney dressed as Robert Palmer = amazing OMG fashion that Spears should totally bring back.)

[Via Pink Is The New Blog]

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