New Lil Boosie Music ñ 2010

Do you know that Lil Boosie is a well-known singer that produces new music regularly? Every day spends in his studio producing music to please fans following him. There are various albums, released by Boosie, which can be bought by his fans. If you want to enjoy new Lil Boosie songs in the coming year, you will not be disappointed. There is a lot of songs that has been created but not released that he will complete soon, like his new album named ‘Free At Last’.

What kind of music will the new album of Lil Boosie include? Since he sticks to his roots, southern rap artists can be assumed to work with him. One of the tracks of the new Boosie album that is not finished yet, is called ìMiss Me f.Young Jeezyî. Judging by the title many fans can make a conclusion that this track is going to be amazing. The completed product has not been represented, but it can be expected to be named as ‘Thug Motivation 103’.

You might also see such singers as Webbie, Chris, Mouse, Foxx A Million, Lil Trill, Big Poppa and Lil Phat, on the new albums by Lil Boosie. Lil Boosie`s followers can get his new album named ìSuper Badî which can offer you many super amazing songs. “My Avenue,” “Levis,” “Top Notch,” “Loose As A Goose,” “Better Believe It,” and “Mind of a Maniac” are some of the songs that will be very popular in the south and in Louisiana especially. These tracks that he makes is not only amiable, but it is also inspiring and motivating for many of his fans.

Although people on the southern streets will feel closer to him, his new albums have become extremely popular all over the world. Specific songs people will like. Though he might not be able to present new music until he is imprisoned for several years, the southern people will remember his music. After his imprisonment is finished, he will have to serve 5 years of probation, but he will be making new music.

One of the newly presented songs of Lil Boosie is one starting Trae, A Million and Bun B and it is named ìBetter Believe It Remixî. Each artist who takes part in this remix is one of those Lill Boosie has worked with and has already made good music. It is great to see many artists assisting each other with such tracks. Some more artists that always help Lil Boosie are DJ Khaled, Lil Scrappy, Hurricane Chris, and Big Unk. Though a lot of new songs were presented by Boosie during 2009, you should await for even more the next year.

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