Music News – The Magazines Influenced The Music Industry

Everybody knows that music news given in recent magazines demonstrates how appreciated music industry has become in the 20th Century. Melody Maker was a pioneering one, being introduced in 1926 and artists were its audience. Nonetheless, music was gaining its popularity in the magazines. It started targeting the general public. New, compatible magazines stroke the shelves.

In 1950 there began a real competition. The magazine Melody Maker faced with young magazines, such as NME, for example. Melody Maker was focused on jazz mostly and was a late transformation to the advent rock and roll style. In sixties, it changed to music bands, such as Rolling Stoned and Beatles.

In the 1960s more politicized music news publications appeared, it is Rolling Stone and Barkley Barb. Critique of the Vietnamese war, the edition of Hunter S. Thompson’s Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas and the counterculture drastic change of the 1960s happened next to Jim Morrison, The Beatles and Jimmy Hendrix cover stories.

The political faint of music publications did not come into British music news til the late 1970 when the age of punk dawned. Nonetheless, in the beginning of 70s a new rival publication Sounds was released. It became one of the three music weekly magazines to assemble good rates of readership fast. It was focused on enlightening news music movements, like Punk, for instance.

1980 saw mixed music news. Hip-hop style affected the NME and Melody Maker was famous for its populist edge until its intellectual increase in 1986. Nonetheless, in 1990s the contemporary music news age began. The increasing popularity of Britpop and the introduction of magazine Mojo (1993) deprived the Melody Maker from its audience and it stopped publications soon.

In 2000s NME still had an opportunity irrespective of its trifling beginning to the decade, it would suddenly occupy its stable position again with music bands like The Libertines, White Stripes and The Strokes. Nonetheless, the rates of its readership increased fast. Such magazines as NME contributed large investments into their online music news for compensation.

When new decade started, it is difficult to say that other music magazines do anything specifically innovatory, but neither does show business in general. In the conditions of X-factor culture, for genuine music it is often hard to break out the underground world that it often comes from. The dawn of Top of the Pops in 2006 showed that the only music presented on off-the air television in Great Britain during prime time watching was concentrated around one talent competition or another. With low circulation figures, probably it’s high time for the stars of music news to come back what they have spent years aiding to create.

Those who would like to track all the news about music today can make use of many new music news sites on the Internet which offer the latest music news.

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