Music Band Stage Playing Etiquette Tips

Here is a short list of vital things that music bands and groups should master when playing at the stage.

1. Introduce yourself before the show starts if you have not got acquainted with each other yet. The show business is identical to any other business.

2. Do not ignore the other group players. It is really a useful tip. For newbie, if you are in a small venue, it helps to crowd the place. Then, it is rude to disappear, and at last, you will not be embarrassed by showing up only for your band and then not having a chance to criticize another group during your set (if they play first). If they play after you, it is also recommended sticking around and listening to them. They will notice, the audience will see and the venue staff will also see this. After all, you will be able to learn a lot of things from them, and in such a way you will avoid being confused.

3. It is a supplement to the previous item. If your friends are going to visit your show, invite them to hang around for the other groups also. They will enjoy some good music. Playing for a bigger audience gives more fun than playing to venue staff only.

4. Make sure that your performance is ready. You should run through the performance properly. I was excited to to know that the band was opened, but they were badly rehearsed and the performance was not a success in the whole. It has been only one time I was happy, when we opened the concert.

5. At last, greet the other group. Especially if they opened a concert for you for you. They have made a great asset to you, in any case. Other singers bring other audience who may like the music as well. It means that you acquire more fans.

When giving a concert, it is also necessary to be able to overcome your anxiety. Before you step into the stage, take some time for making a few deep breaths. Ease your muscles, close your eyes and picture a quiet place that you like (actually, it can be anything, a beach, a wood or your bedroom). Start from the top of your head and concentrate on relaxing you facial muscles, then ease your neck, after that proceed to your hands, corpse, hip muscles and keep on relaxing yourself to toes. It can be done by sitting in a comfortable place. It is achieved by simple mental concentration.

Take all the useful tips and suggestions so that your concert is a success and happy playing to you! Think that this article was valuable.

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