More Like Falling In Love (rough draft cover)

Some of the lyrics are wrong… I know. 😛 I’ve just started trying to see if I can cover it. I’ve got me a buddy I’ve been playing with, and I’d like to see if we can cover this song. Still trying to learn it. :) Check out Jason Gray’s original… he singing it a lot better… and with the right words. 😛 I’m not a perfect singer, but I’m working on it. I’ll never be perfect (because no one is), but I look forward to borrowing my friends Singing Success lesson CD’s to get better. 😉 I met Jason Gray about a week ago… and another time last January at Winter Blast. Cool guy, REALLY funny. 😛 But he inspires me in such a great way! He struggles with a speech handicap, but he never stutters when he sings. I’m a really quiet person (think of the one kid in school who was usually by his self and never said much… that was me at my school). Yet, I feel like God wants me to sing in spite of my quietness. I feel it’s my weakness, but Jason Gray has said about his speech impediment that God takes our weaknesses and turns them around to use them as a weapon against the powers of Hell. :) So I believe I’m proof that it’s not me when I sing in front of people, it’s God working through me.

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