[LIVE] Gavy NJ – Sun Flower @ MBC Radio (clearly voice)

credit: huttkung [I’m a HUGE fan of Gavy NJ] (highhut @ youtube.com) & daum Gavy NJ 가비엔제이 is a female South Korean R&B trio. The names of their members: Jang Hee Yeong (장희영) (26) Jeong Hye Min (정혜민) (29) [Leader] No Si Hyeon (노시현) (23) but on 2009 Jeong Hye Min left the group because of her health and the new member “Misty” replaced her. Misty, who has written many songs for the popular Korean duo, Davichi. Their group name was derived from the words 가비 (Gavy) and 엔제이 (NJ). 가비 (歌妃) is to have the meaning of a “queen of song” and NJ is the initials of their last names (Noh & Jang/Jung) Known to many as the female SG Wannabe, Gavy NJ strikes many similarities with its male counterpart. Gavy NJ specializes in R&B ballads. Because the group is rarely seen on TV performing or making appearance to promote their album, not much is known about them. However, their live performances prove that it is not the elaborately orchestrated instrumentals that make their songs so pleasing to the ear, but it’s the perfect harmony of their 3 soulful voices that makes their debut album so good. Their debut album ‘The Very First’ was released in November, 2005. Declared as “real music”, the album is taking a storm in many online charts. The album has songs with very low tone, where you’d expect for male vocals to sing, yet this unique group does a great job in the vocal range. This album was considered the best album of a newbie for year 2005. The title song, “Happiness

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