Little Mix Almost Recorded This Quirky K-Pop Hit

Little Mix's Sexy 'Touch' Video

Little Mix bump and grind through their sexy ‘Touch’ video.

Little Mix usually play it pretty safe with their formulaic, made-for-radio pop hits, but every now and then they’ll do something interesting like “Move.” One of the more unique songs that they could have recorded is the recent K-Pop smash “Red Flavor” by girl group Red Velvet. The producers behind it, Swedish duo Caesar & Loui, have just revealed that it was originally penned for the British quartet before the Korean chart-toppers snatched it up for themselves.

“It was actually aimed for the UK band Little Mix since we had a meeting with one of their A&Rs at the time,” the pair told Tone Glow. “The result was the song ‘Dance With Nobody.’ It was the original title before the lyrics were translated into Korean.”

The Swedish hitmakers also gave their thoughts on the difference between Asian pop music and Western pop music, explaining that K-Pop and J-Pop labels “aren’t afraid of taking chances” and are always looking for something “fresh and new.” Perhaps “Red Flavor” was just too quirky and forward-thinking for Little Mix to handle? Take a listen below and let us know if you think that the “Wings” wailers could do it justice.

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