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Proper Breathing is an essential part of singing well. If you want to develop a good vocal range, improve your stamina it is essential to follow proper breathing techniques. So follow the exercises given below if you want to learn how to improve singing.

A proper breathing technique is essential for breath control, stamina and to increase vocal range. If your breath is restricted to your chest you will never be able to get the floating voice quality or hit the really high notes. Most of us are prone to faulty breathing habits which we follow since we are children. And we take that into our singing as well when we grow up.

A clear sign of improper breathing is an upwards movement of the chest and shoulders when w breathe. The fear of looking fat while breathing is what keep many people from breathing correctly. Bit if you want to reach the higher notes and sing confidently it is imperative that you breathe through the diaphragm.

Many people also believe that if you breathe noisily you’re doing it right. However, your breathing would be noisy only if there is a constriction in the air passage; this would mean you are not breathing properly. Proper breathing is when you inhale deeply yet silently.

For deep breathing you need to make sure that you inhale in sips instead of gulping the air. Proper breathing will cause you chest cavity to expand giving more room to the lungs to intake the air. The following exercises will help you to develop the habit of correct breathing.

Breathing In:

Start by lying flat on your back. Take a deep breath and feel the wave of movement start at your chest and diaphragm. Feel your chest and diaphragm expanding but make sure to not move your shoulder muscles. Leave your abdominal muscles loose and let the wave reach your stomach feeling the stomach expand as you fill your lungs entirely.

Exhale and try another deep breath this time once again feel your chest and stomach expand with no movement of the shoulders. The expansion should be outwards and not upwards. Feel your chest, diaphragm and stomach expand. Feel the muscles at the sides of rib cage expand. This is the correct way of breathing for a singer.

Exhalation Exercise:

To start this exercise place a lighted candle a little over 7 inches from your face.

Inhale deeply as you have learnt in the previous exercise expanding your chest and abdomen with no movement of the shoulders.

Feel the air filling your lungs and then breathe out gently in the direction of the flame bending it but not flickering it.

You will need to breathe out in a steady stream and not in gasps in you want to bend the flame. Count silently to mark the time for which you can keep the flame bent.

Breath control and a good vocal range where you can hit the high notes are crucial for a singer, the afore mentioned exercises will help you to achieve these. Particularly if you want to sing the higher notes you should gradually increase the time of exhalation.

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