Lady Gaga And Jean Paul Gaultier Talk It Out On The CW

lady gaga the cwIf you’re going to have someone famous interview Lady Gaga, it may as well be one of the world’s leading fashion designers. In Gaga By Gaultier, a special airing September 12 on The CW, the Harper’s Bazaar cover girl touches on everything from her kinda-bisexuality (”I like women… sexually”) to her drug use (”Oh yeah!”) to the pretentious nothingisms she’s so used to spouting (”The fantasy becomes my reality”). Watch a promo for the special below.

We have but one question — why is this airing on The CW, of all networks? Is Gaga a fan of The Vampire Diaries? (She’s certainly fond of Gossip Girl, at least.)

[Via Celebuzz]

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