ITunes Duplicate Remover: Choose Your Solution! (Ezine Ready)

Are you tired of having duplicates in your music library? Do you want to delete duplicates in iTunes? Are you hesitating between a manual and an automatic duplicate remover? Here is the solution to your problems and the way to choose between the two options!

iTunes: remove duplicates manually

  • If you have a small music library, you can go for a manual solution: open iTunes, go to “File”, click on “Display duplicates”, and iTunes will show you all the duplicates that you may have in your music library.
  • You can then start removing the duplicates you would like to delete, and make your music library look more organized and easier to navigate. If you are doubting whether to go for a manual or an automatic solution, you may always start with the manual solution and see if you find it convincing or not! This will also allow you to see how much time it’s taking you to proceed manually instead of automatically.
  • It mainly depends on the size of your iTunes library.

iTunes: remove duplicates automatically

  • If you don’t find it convincing, be it because you have a big music library or because you don’t like doing anything manually, you can choose to turn to an automatic iTunes duplicate remover. Several softwares claim to be iTunes cleanup softwares, but not all of them allow you to remove duplicates from iTunes.
  • As for myself, I use Tidysongs and have been pretty happy with it from Day 1: this software automatically cleans up your iTunes library by removing duplicates, taking into account the parameters you have indicated. For example, Tidysongs can take into consideration whether you have a live version of a song, or a studio-recorded version. It’s up to you to tell the software if it should take into account the album the song is from or not.
  • And it’s super easy to use. All you have to do is download TidySongs and then open it up! If you’d like more info about how Tidysongs works exactly, you may find it in the following article of this series, which talks you through the different steps to make the most of Tidysongs and finally have an iTunes library that looks like something!

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