How to Sing Well: By increasing your confidence

Nothing can kill your performance like stage fright. To sing well it is imperative that you learn to tackle stage fright. Most performers will agree that being in front of the audience is one of the most exhilarating and also the scariest experience of their lives. The fact remains that even legendary singers are not spared from the grips of stage fright. If you are wondering how to sing well despite the stage fright, here are a few tips to help you.

Practice your act several times. When you are performing you shouldn’t be concentrating on questions like what if I forget the lyrics or what if I sing off key. The more you practice the more comfortable you will be with your act. This will help you to get rid of the nervousness.

The first step to overcoming stage fright is to realize that the audience is not there to laugh at you. They don’t want you to fumble they genuinely would like to hear you sing well. So know it in your heart that the audience is on your side.

Before you go out to face the crowd always say a little prayer this will help to lift your spirits.

Think of a famous person who sings and performs very well according to you and imagine that you are not yourself but this other performer. Tell yourself that you are so good that there is no need to be nervous.

Practice deep breathing a few minutes before your performance or count to ten very slowly while you tell yourself that the physical sensations that you are feeling are very normal and everybody goes through them.

Looking into audience’s eyes can makes many performers nervous. Not everybody can deal with a crowd of naked audience members which is what most people will tell you to imagine when performing. It wouldn’t be unusual to break into a fit of laughter at the thought of dozens of naked people gawking at you. If looking into the audience’s eyes makes you nervous, don’t do it, instead look at their faces or over their heads. If it makes you more comfortable you can concentrate on the bright lights surrounding you.

Be honest with yourself about your abilities. And last but not the least imagine yourself delivering a power packed performance and the audience showering you with accolades. Imagination is a very powerful tool and it will help you alleviate the jitters.

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