How To Sing: Know About Range

Are you one of those aspiring to have a professional singing career? If you are, know that dreams can certainly turn to reality. But before you reach the peaks of your dreams, you got to climb from the basics first. I intend to help you in that process. One of the basic principles you have to know about is vocal range. Learn about the things discussed in this article and find out your vocal range.

The voice is produced when the vocal folds or vocal chords in your throat vibrate and flap against each other as air flows through them from your lungs or your diaphragm. The human voice is very distinct and very complex that it is considered to be the most intricate musical instrument.

Voices vary in pitch due to varying sizes of vocal folds from person to person. Men have thicker vocal folds while women smaller ones. Thick vocal chords produce a lower pitched voice while small vocal chords produce a higher pitched voice. These varying pitches when grouped and categorized together are called vocal ranges.

Varying vocal pitches are grouped and categorized into three basic vocal ranges. These are arranged in the order of highest pitch to lowest pitch. They are:

1. Soprano

2. Mezzo-Soprano

3. Alto

4. Tenor

5. Baritone

6. Bass

Soprano, Mezzo-Soprano, and Alto are normally female vocal ranges. I say normally because there are rare cases where males can sing in these ranges.

In the same way, the remaining three categories of vocal ranges are for males but some females can sing in these low pitched ranges.

It is very important to know you range because when you sing, you should be able to sing comfortably by singing within that range. Within you range, there should be no straining of voice at all.

Good practice and training can improve and widen your range. I used to sing very low before but because of practice and experience, I can now sing effortlessly in a tenor range and sometimes can sing as high as an alto pitch.

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