Generous Gaga Spread Bracelets to Aid Japan (Ezine Ready)

After her triumphant concert tour in Toronto, Canada wherein she had a duet with a young and talented Filipina you tube sensation Maria Aragon, Lady Gaga is showing compassion to the Japan victims by spreading a white Bracelet to the world which says “We Pray for Japan”.


The white rubber bracelet which she personally designed costs $5 each and all the money will go to Japan Tsunami relief fund.


Lady Gaga was the first singer to find a way to help the devastated country. She is personally appealing to all the people in the world especially to her fans through her website, facebook and twitter to buy the $5 white bracelet to accumulate a huge fund to be given to Japan.


Being the top marketer and enthusiast both in fashion and in art, what had happened in the Japan is really a great loss in the industry. Aside from the wrath tsunami that killed thousands of Japanese and left other homeless and jobless, they are facing a scary problem now with regard to radiation crisis brought by the explosion of some nuclear power plants based in the country.


This particular nuclear blast is now a Worldwide concern because as it continuous to explode, radiation radius will reach the nearby countries, and many fear for their safety because the radiation can cause horrible effect on human health and can lead to death when prolonged exposed.


People residing near the Fukishima Nuclear Power Plant was scanned and monitored for radiation exposure. Surprisingly, only a few dose of radiation was detected on them due to course of minutes or hours they have been in that place when the explosion occurred.


Many nearby countries especially the Philippines, Taiwan, North and South Korea were frightened when the news about the explosion have reached them and many panicked, by going home early, abandoning their work stations and schools and other establishments have closed.


But, the news clarified that the radiation wont reached as far as the mentioned countries above because there is only a minimal radiation that came out during the blast, and those that were affected were the ones near the indicated radius.


Japanese people who is near in the plant when it explode gets radiation depending on the length of exposure. For example, a total dose of a thousand millisieverts in a day—say from two brief exposures to 500 millisieverts—can cause temporary radiation sickness, leading to nausea and decreased blood count but not death.

Experts explained that a few minutes of 5,000 millisieverts would likely kill about half those receiving it within a month, unless aggressive medical intervention was provided.

So, we don’t need to worry much now, because experts are handling the situation so well. What we could do now, is to follow what Gaga has started. And that is to help the victims in any way we can, like buying a bracelet that Gaga have proposed. With your $5, you have already saved a life.


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