Electric Guitars For Beginners Buying Your First Guitar (Ezine Ready)

Buying guitars for beginners can be daunting but it is easy.  First thing to do is to decide if you are going to play the electric guitar or the acoustic guitar.  Depending on whether you want to play rock or more strumming stuff you will get an electric or an acoustic guitar.  The electric guitar is usually more associated with rock or metal.  This article will look at buying your first electric guitar.

Next thing you need to see how much you can afford.  For your first guitar you won’t need more than $600.  Spending more than 600 on electric guitars for beginners is mad when you don’t know if you will like playing the guitar or keep it up.  You can always buy a more expensive guitar later.  I would recommend you pay at least $300 for an electric guitar.  If you pay only $100 or $200 for a guitar it won’t be great quality.  It could go out of tune quickly or break easily.  So a guitar between $300 and $600 is good enough to start playing guitar.

Guitar Pickups and Colour

You should pick a style of guitar and colour that you want.  Whatever makes you happy or looks good to you.  Hardware wise the guitar should have at least two pickups.  This will give you’re a variety of sounds to play with.  One pickup restricts you, although if you only play punk rock you might get away with having only a bridge pickup.  Three pickups are nice to have but not necessary.

Type of Guitar Bridge

Don’t bother about getting a whammy bar or tremolo on the bridge of your first guitar, get a fixed bridge if you can.  It will be at least a year before you are using the bar and in the meantime it will just make your guitar harder to tune and make it go out of tune while your are playing.  If you get a guitar with a tremolo unit, I would recommend one with a Floyd Rose floating bridge.  It is a good unit and can be fixed in place until you are ready to actually use it.  You put a wedge in back of the guitar to hold it and loosen off the screws for the springs.

Brands of Electric Guitars

Stick with brands you have heard of.  Fender have a nice budget model in Squier, Gibson have a good budget one as well called Epiphone.  Also checkout any of the brands such as Jackson, Ibanez, B.C Rich.  Main thing is to buy your electric guitars for beginners and start to play.  Playing and practice are how you will learn not spending a long time picking a guitar.

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