Britney Spears Has Got The Bash Moving During Her MTV VMA Promotion

britney spears vmahe 2011 MTV Video Music Honours just became much more exciting: 201 honours show will have a Britney Spears tribute, as evidenced with this completely new promo – which features the nominated pop star herself in general party mode! Watch Brit end up within the models within a undercover celebration down below.

The promotion features music clips along with iconography coming from Madonna, Jesse Jackson and Michael Jackson, along with Brit, who is obviously having fun with this off-the-wall party. However what is the actual honor involve? May Selena Gomez somehow be engaged?! Suppose we will have to hang on and see.

Furthermore, is this Team Britney’s way of getting the VMAs to commemorate the pop legend while not having to actually have her perform? (It’s common knowledge what actually transpired the last apperance she made at the VMA’s… perhaps she’s simply still not prepared to give it one more try.)

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Head over to MTV Buzzworthy for a behind-the- scenes.

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