5 Jazz Music Artists That Helped To Determine Jazz

Many people know very little or know anything about music styles, such as R&B, Lounge, Disco, Country or Instrumental.

When it comes to jazz music, it is sometime illogical and lots of most well-known jazz music performers went further. Some people enjoy different genres of music at time and many who have been searching for original vocal styles and improvisations have discovered the exquisiteness and art behind jazz music.

Here are 5 jazz music artists that you should know more about if you really want to get to know more about jazz music style:

1. Billie Holiday
When talking about Billie Holiday today, it can be said that she stays one of the most popular jazz artists and female singers who definitely assisted in determining and establishing jazz style. It was a singer who demonstrated a very distinctive vocal genre which affected jazz and pop singing styles. Her most popular songs are as the following: Lady Sings The Blues, Good Morning Heartache, Strange Fruit and God Bless The Child.

2. John Coltrane
John Coltrane is a prominent artist in jazz music style. The influence that he has had on jazz music is significant. Coltrane was an exuberant musician, band director and jazz saxophonist who made over 35 sessions, and even as a session saxophone performer for jazz artists. This singer was famous as bebop jazz style musician and was famous as one of the first precursors of free style in jazz music. People all over the world enjoy his most known and splendid albums.

3. Miles Davis
Many jazz music fans can not even imagine jazz music without Miles Davis. Most people think that he is just what jazz style is all about. Actually, he is famous as one of the most authentic and prominent jazz music performers of all times. He was a trumpet player, bandleader, composer and arranger of the most important events in jazz including bebop, jazz fusion, hard bop and cool jazz. His most famous albums are enjoyed by jazz music fans all over the world.

4. Charlie Parker
He is mostly known as ìYardbirdî ìBirdî. He was a musician and saxophonist famous for his innovative methods in music, harmony and melodies. He was an influential singer who helped in establishing of bebop. Most of his songs are taken as jazz standards.

5. Oscar Peterson
It is a well-known fact that jazz is assumed to be USA genre of music, but Oscar Peterson was a Canadian jazz composer and pianist. He was prized with 7 Grammy Awards and many people regard Oscar Peterson as one of the most talented jazz pianists. His works involve the following: Cole Porter Songbook, Night Train, and Live at the Blue Note.

At all times music artists have attracted attention of many people who love music. So it is little wonder that there exist a number of best music artists contests and charts. Luckily nowadays it is easy for music fans to satisfy their itch for new music artists or any other music news via the online network.

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