2 Most Important Live Performance Recommendations

Often artists, singers and music groups know the basics of performing well. Often they are so captured by the creativity work and the art of music that they totally overlook the audience they are should amuse.

As live performance is a constituent part of a musicianís profit flow, bigger emphasisshould be set on performance and on making an ideal concert, because this can increase sales to a high level.

One just should read the newspapers or any music and entertainment journals to find out the great difference in ticket values to watch a performance by Lady Gaga and Madonna as opposed to Joe Bloggs band with the values of tickets varying from hundreds of pounds to free admission even. Your fans pays for the ìperformanceî song; thus it would be strange if you did not invest into your concerts as a band musicians or singer where playing to fans is an integral part of your success.

These tips will help you to make high quality concerts:
1. Fast Music Instruments Setting Up: I saw a new music band in the West End London recently. Unhappily, I had to wait to hear them, because they have had some difficulties with setting up their equipment even though they have been already 40 minutes beyond the schedule. So, you can see how much fans they lost and potential profits.

You are judged by what you do! Check your sound in a proper time if possible and if you are in-between bands you should find a way to accelerate or make the setting process simple. Take into account how performers get ready for their gigs. They are always in the process of preparation, turning their guitars, setting up the drums.

Unfortunately, people will not come again to watch the band I have described earlier for a long time. That kind of entrance will leave memories in your head that you are not ready to come back to again. You should take into account that it is disrespectful to make your audience waiting, so avoid this.

2. Opening: In business world it is considered that you are judged in the first 10 seconds and then reputation is created. Those opinions can make you have an easy ride or spend lots of efforts to climb up the hill.

To my opinion this statement can be related to a musicianís concert. When an average musician or singer is publicized they do nothing besides singing their songs without any introduction.

The first time the singer comes to a stage there should be a wow effect of the audience and make them want to hear the songs. Here are important tips to be considered when arranging performance:

1. Make sure that the intro is original.
2. Make an unusual entry.
3. Think about outstanding intros to impress the audience.

Lots of music fans always keep tracking upcoming performances. While there is a bulk of offline ways to get performances 2011, searching the web network for upcoming performances can bring much info as well.

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